3 Tricks to pick the right and fresh avocados

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3 Tricks to pick the right and fresh avocados

Avocado is a powerhouse of all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that not only aids in weight loss but also reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. It can be added to many healthy salad recipes.

But to get all the goodness of this fruit, you need to pick the right and fresh avocados. And there is a trick for that. Learn the technique right here.

Trick to pick the right avocado:


The first step is always colour inspection. If it’s too green, then it’s not ready yet. Avocados darker in colour are generally riper than the fresh ones. So, you should always pick avocados with the medium to a dark green tone.

Naval inspection

After colour, another smart way to determine a ripe avocado is to check its naval. Place your thumb gently on the belly button of avocados and then check if you can flick it off easily. Easily flicking belly button is a sign of fully ripe avocado which is ready to eat. And if it’s intact and you cannot move it at all, then it’s not ready yet.


You can check its ripeness by giving a little pressure on it. Place the fruit on your palm and then squeeze it only with palm and not with your fingertips. If the skin is getting separated from the flesh of the fruit, then it’s ready to consume.


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