4 Amazing places to visit in Kotagiri

Here are 4 beautiful locations in Kotagiri.

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4 Amazing places to visit in Kotagiri

Tamil Nadu is a stunning combination of temple towns, international cities, and the calmest beaches and hill stations, brimming with culture and a great past. Kotagiri is one such city in paradise; it is a stunning hill station and a perfect destination for those wanderlust-stricken people. Kotagiri is adorned with grandeur and lush flora. One can make Kotagiri your next destination if spending every weekend on an exciting mountain adventure is your idea of fun.

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Here, we bring you 4 cities to visit in Kotagiri for a beautiful and peaceful vacation.

1. Longwood Shola

One of the tourist attractions in Kotagiri is the long wood shola. It is a large, dense forest that covers an area of 116 hectares, making it one of the most scenic forest areas with hiking trails. Guars and Malabar squirrels can be seen in plenty throughout this verdant woodland by all wildlife enthusiasts. You can see the diverse flora and animals at this destination, which is a forest reserve.

2. Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls is the ideal summer escape for anyone willing to put forth a little additional effort to experience the best vistas. Catherine Falls, located in the Nilgiris region, is a breathtaking waterfall that cascades from a height of 250 feet. It is one of the undiscovered tourist treasures in Kotagiri and a great place for families to unwind and refresh away from the routine of daily life.


3. Rangaswamy Peak

Kotagiri's Rangaswamy Peak is a popular tourist destination with breathtaking views. The summit is revered by the indigenous tribes since it is thought that Lord Rangaswamy spent some time here. All tourists get the opportunity to forget about city life and admire mother nature's magnificent works at Rangaswamy Peak.

4. Kodanad Point

The well-known peak and popular tourist destination Kodanad View Point takes visitors to the Nilgiri region's mesmerising backdrop of dark and luminous terrain. At Kodanand View Point, you'll be treated to a stunning view of Rangaswamy Peak, Dolphin's Nose, Catherine Fall, and Rangaswamy Pillar. All leisure travellers should visit Kodanad View Point, which is also a great location for picnics.

You may have a fun-filled vacation in Tamil Nadu with your family and friends thanks to the abundance of places to see in this hill station.

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