4 BASIC Etiquettes to keep in mind while having soup

Having soup can be tricky as you don’t want to spill it over or make that annoying slurping sound. So follow these simple etiquettes to have soup in the correct manner.
soup etiquettes 4 BASIC Etiquettes to keep in mind while having soup
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A bowl of soup is warm, comforting and wholesome. It warms your soul and is hearty and fulfilling. Everyone loves soup and thus, it is easy to get carried away while having it. Most people don’t really pay much heed to their table manners while having soup as they feel that there is no “right way” to have it. 


But contrary to this, there are certain etiquettes that one needs to keep in mind while having soup. It is a simple and satisfying bowl of food that is a little tricky to eat properly. So we have for you a list of etiquettes that you need to keep in mind to have soup in a graceful and proper manner.

1. Never slurp. Yes we know it might be tempting to slurp the delicious soup while protecting your tongue from getting burnt, but slurping is considered to be rude and distracting. So instead of slurping, sip the soup from the side of your spoon. 


2. Probably the trickiest part while having soup is trying to get the last bits of it. To do this, firstly tip the bowl away from you and scoop up the remaining soup with your spoon. Once you have the remaining soup in the spoon, put the bowl down and wipe the back of the spoon on the edge of the bowl to let the extra soup fall back into the bowl. 



3. The plate that comes along with the soup bowl is for you to rest the spoon between bites and after you are done, to avoid putting the spoon back in the bowl and increasing the risk of spilling it over.


4. If you want to have bread along with your soup, then don't hold the bread in one hand and your soup spoon in the other. Instead, take a sip of the soup, then put your spoon down and cut a piece of bread with a fork and knife to eat it.


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