4 BEST tips and tricks to make the perfect sushi at home

Sushi can be a little tricky to make at home, especially if you are a beginner. From choosing the right kind of rice to rolling it perfectly, we have for you some simple tips to make the perfect sushi at home!
4 BEST tips and tricks to make the perfect sushi at home 4 BEST tips and tricks to make the perfect sushi at home
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Sushi is something that seems extremely fancy and technical to most of us. It is a famous Japanese dish that is made with vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients such as seafood, often raw and vegetables.


It is incredibly delicious and is light on the stomach. Most of us aren’t too well-versed in making this dish at home. Rolling the rice perfectly and becoming a sushi master is no cold’ play! So we have for you some simple tips and tricks to nail this Japanese dish and pamper your tastebuds with the best sushi possible!

1. While dealing with the sushi rice, make sure that you have a bowl of water next to you to wet your hands slightly, whenever required. Wet hands make it easier to manage the sushi rice as it can be quite sticky.  


2. To perfectly and tightly roll the sushi, maintain a little space between the top of the nori sheet and the rice. Wet your hands and then place the ball of rice in the centre of the nori sheet. Press the rice onto the sheet and then start rolling tightly. 

3. Use rice that has plump and short grains. To prep, the rice for the sushi, wash it until the water runs clear, then polish it by draining the water and using your hand to gently scrunch and release the rice approximately 30 times, then rinse.

4. While cutting the cut roll aka maki, make sure to keep your knife a little wet. This will not only make it easier for you to cut but will also ensure a clean cut without crushing the roll. Simply dip the knife tip in water to wet it a bit.

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