4 Foods from Amsterdam you simply must try on your next visit

Here are 4 Amsterdam-inspired dishes you really must eat on your next trip.

Published on Aug 29, 2022 01:43 PM IST  |  94.8K
Food in Amsterdam
4 Foods from Amsterdam you simply must try on your next visit

The attractive Dutch city of Amsterdam is well-known for its picturesque canals, unusual architecture, exciting nightlife, and vibrant culture. And with so much to see, the city's top-notch food scene has also consistently been a highlight. Amsterdam provides the eager tourist with a variety of interesting gastronomic delights, from small waffles to croquettes which are easily available throughout the city. Several tourist-oriented restaurants in the city offer wonderful food at flexible pricing points.

Here we bring you 4 food items from Amsterdam that is a must for you to try on your next visit.

1. Stroop Waffle

Even though almost every store in Amsterdam sells these round, caramel-filled waffles, nothing compares to freshly made stroopwafels. For anybody visiting Amsterdam, these delectable treats are a must-try. Traditional Dutch stroopwafels are a chewy cookie-like treat that are best enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee. To prepare them, bakers sandwich a layer of sticky caramel syrup between two circular, wafer-thin waffles.

2. Herring

Another traditional Dutch street dish is herring. It is a tiny fish that is often consumed raw together with pickles and raw onions. Throughout Amsterdam, dedicated fish booths sell this traditional Dutch delicacy. Many visitors find it thrilling to purchase a herring for the very first time, grasp the entire fish by its tail, and devour it in the traditional Dutch manner.

3. Patatje Oorlog

The Dutch just adore their fries, even though it might not sound unique or intriguing on a checklist of some must-eat foods. This makes this dish one you must try. A popular Dutch street meal known as patatje oorlog consists of fries covered in a variety of sauces, mayonnaise, and finely chopped onions resulting in a surprisingly delicious, calorie-dense mush. Having a cool drink on the side goes really well with this messy affair.

4. Bitterballen

This classic Dutch snack is frequently enjoyed at a cafe while enjoying drinks with pals. The melted filling inside a croquette is quite similar to the meaty ragout that fills each separate bitterball. The spicy and creamy mustard dip works well with these crispy meatballs. Try using your fingers to savor Bitterballen, immersing every round nugget with hot mustard before putting it into your mouth.

For a genuine experience of everything, Amsterdam has to offer, be sure to eat all of these 4 aforementioned foods we have suggested.

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