4 Incredible dishes from Bangalore you should try at least once in your life

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Incredible dishes from Bangalore you should try at least once in your life

Often considered a gastronomical paradise, the Silicon Valley of India brings a lot to the table. Bangalore or Bengaluru not only aims to please the cosmopolitan crowd with European and continental delicacies, but the city is rooted in tradition with its own culinary delights. Right from inimitable flavors in the lemon rice to Bisi Bele Bhath and Kayi Holige, there are a lot of dishes that you must try. Today, we shortlist some incredible dishes from Bangalore that you should try at least once in your life.

  1. Bun Nippat Masala

If you’re ever in the city, then Bun Nippat is one street food that you simply cannot miss. The tricky part is finding a place that dishes up this classic South Indian style burger because it’s a rarity. Nevertheless, we bring you the perfect recipe that lets you savor this crispy and tangy Bangalore style chaat in the comfort of your home.

  1. Puliyogare or Tamarind Rice

When you think of Puliyogare, you recognise it as the ultimate comfort food. This humble rice dish is laced with spicy tamarind paste, although some variants use kokum liberally in Pulihora. This is often dubbed as Puliyodarai or Pulinchoru in certain regions of Karnataka. Although native to Karnataka, it is also relished in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

  1. The Sweet Kayi Holige

Should you have a bit of a fondness for desserts, then the Kayi Holige is for you. This is a revered sweet that is served in most functions and even dished up in Maharashtra by the moniker 'Puran poli'. The recipe is flexible as people tend to adapt it to the regional ingredients to make it using coconut or even simply as dal obbattu. This is a sinful dessert that does promise lots of calories due to the ample use of ghee as a garnish on piping hot Holige.

  1. Pineapple Kesari Bath

Whenever the fruit is in season, you must try making Pineapple Kesari Baath at home. This is a popular dish in Bengaluru and uses four core ingredients, namely rava, pineapple, sugar and ghee. For the uninitiated, this can also be called Pineapple flavored Sheera.

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