4 reasons why you should travel SOLO for your next trip in 2020

Travelling solo not only helps you explore the world but also helps in rediscovering yourself. So, here are all the reasons why you should consider travelling solo for your next trip.
4 reasons why you should travel SOLO for your next trip in 2020
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When someone says ‘we’re going on a holiday’ it not only makes us feel happy but also excited to see all the different places in the world. Each little city has a unique trait which is why visiting them have perks on its own. But, let’s be real, it is not always possible to travel the way you please when you have a bunch of friends and family bombarding you with their opinions on the places to visit. Now, if you are a passionate traveller and always get yourself caught in a family tour bus, the only right thing to do here is travel alone.  While travelling solo may sound a little berserk, believe me, it has its perks. Check them out


This is one of the greatest perks of travelling alone. When solo, you are not always waiting for friends and family to get ready. Because let’s be real, the things and experiences that they like might just not be up your alley. When you are alone, you have the full freedom to choose where you’d like to go and when. 

Meeting new people

If you are with someone, you become dependent on each other for basic entertainment purposes. However, a solo tripper can make friends around the globe and you never know, you might even meet the love of your life on the way!

Gets you out of your comfort zone

Solo travelling is very liberating and a lot of travellers will agree with this fact. From meeting strangers to trying your hands on new activities, to even finding your passion in life, it definitely gets you out of your comfort zone.


With a lot of time that you spend with yourself, solo trips will definitely lead you to a path of self-discovery. You will discover more things about yourself that previously might have never come to your notice - good, bad and everything else in between.

What are your thoughts about it? Would you like to travel alone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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