4 Step recipe to make dhoklas at home

Updated on Sep 30, 2021 12:36 AM IST  |  99.4K
4 Step recipe to make dhoklas at home
4 Step recipe to make dhoklas at home

When it comes to a snack that is wholesome, light, nutritious and delicious, dhokla definitely tops the list. Dhokla is a popular dish that comes from the state of Gujarat. This dish is made with a batter prepared from chickpeas, urad and rice. It is mostly eaten as a snack but also can be eaten for breakfast. 


It is a source of good fats and is thus considered to be healthy and nutritious. So if you want to make this popular Gujarati dish at home then follow this simple 4-step recipe given below.



Step 1


Combine 1 cup of gram flour, 1 tbsp citric acid, 1 tbsp sugar, a pinch of turmeric and some salt in a bowl to prepare the batter. Add water to achieve a thick consistency. 


Step 2


Mix 1 tbsp of baking powder with some water and add this to the batter.




Step 3


Fill the bottom part of the steamer with water and let it come to a boil. Grease the top part with some oil to prevent the dhoklas from sticking to the surface. Pour the batter into the steaming tin and steam for 15 minutes.


Step 4


To prepare the tempering, heat some oil in a pan and add ½ tbsp mustard seeds, 1 dry red chilli and 6 curry leaves. Cut the prepared dhoklas in small pieces and pour this tempering on top of the steamed dhoklas. Serve.


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