4 Street foods you must try when in Kochi

This city offers a wide variety of street food joints that serve various mouth-watering dishes (of course, hard to resist)

Updated on Apr 09, 2022 02:41 PM IST  |  239.3K
Don't miss these famous street foods when in Kochi
4 Street foods you must try when in Kochi
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Prominent by the tagline of “Gateway to Kerala,” Kochi is a city located on the southwest coast of India and is one of the most loved cities of Kerala. While the beauty of this city brings calm to the eyes, the flavourful food of their boundaries brings pleasure to the taste buds. Kochi offers feisty and unique flavours because it got its influence from the perfect Malabari cuisine. This city offers a wide variety of street food joints that serve various mouth-watering dishes (of course, hard to resist).

Here we bring you a list of famous street foods that you must try when in Kochi because visiting Kochi and not exploring the street food is something we wouldn’t approve of!


Coconut and banana are the most loved staple in the south! Pazhampori is basically the banana fritters that are mostly relished during snack time. Ripe bananas are utilised to make this dish and are further deeply fried to make it crispy and yummy. You can also try it with tea or coffee to make the snacking more delicious.

Banana Fritters

Kadala curry and Puttu

Puttu is yet another food item from the list of local street food that can be found in almost every stall of Kochi. This dish is usually enjoyed during breakfast and it is prepared with rice and filled with coconut. The cooked rice is further put into the shape of rolls and steamed accordingly. Puttu is served with Kadala curry which is a perfect blend of chickpeas, local ingredients and spices. While people typically have it during breakfast, you can easily find this dish throughout the day.

Thattu dosa

Dosa is the very first thing that comes to mind when we hear South India. But this type of dosa is completely different. Thattu dosa is a mini steamed dosa. It is generally found on the streets and is considered one of the healthiest dishes as it is prepared with the steaming technique. It is simple, thick and is served with prominent coconut chutney or sometimes with curry as well.

Thick Dosa

Appam and stew

It is one of the traditional dishes of the south that is mostly found on street stalls. It is a light rice pancake that is extremely thin and crispy. Appam is prepared with fermented rice flour and coconut milk and is consumed with a water-like consistency of vegetable stew/gravy.

Stew and Appam

Are you planning to visit Kochi? If yes, then definitely go on a street stroll and enjoy these delicacies! Comment and let us know your food experience in Kochi.

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