4 Tips to pick a Mango that is perfectly ripe and sweet

Mangoes are a summer favourite fruit that we all love to devour all day long. Here are 5 tips to choose the perfect mango that is absolutely ripe and sweet!
mango Tips to pick a ripe and sweet Mango
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There is nothing like eating a juicy and sweet mango on a hot summer day. Consider this your go-to mango guide right here! We all know how much you live this juicy and yellow fruit that is so delicious that you can’t get enough with just one, you keep wanting more. Mango picking or mango shopping is the most looked forward to event of the summer in India. One has way too many memories of their fond childhood, picking mangoes from their garden or the neighbourhood mango tree and bringing it home only to savour them later.

But to know the right moment when a mango is perfectly ripe takes skills and knowledge. So, here are 5 ways you can tell if a mango is ripe and sweet. 

Touch and feel it. Ripe mangoes are soft and have a smoother texture. However, be careful not to pick mushy mangoes. Avoid mangoes that are too hard or have a hard exterior.

Check the colour of the mango. The colour should ideally be red or yellow. However, it all depends on the type of mango you’re choosing. It should be bright green, yellow or red. Either way, it should feel soft and the colour should be bright.

Smell the mango. Smell the aroma of the mango near the stem. If they have a strong, sweet, fragrant and fruity smell then they are ripe. A ripe mango will always smell nice and sweet.

The shape of the mango. The shape of the mango should be plump and rounded. Don’t pick mangoes that are flat or have a thin texture. 

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