5 Banana recipes to help you get the potassium you need

Not only do bananas satisfy your taste buds, but they are a healthy addition to your diet. Here are five easy banana recipes to make at home.
5 Banana recipes to help you get the potassium you need
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When we think cooking with fruits, we think of salads and desserts, but that is not all. There are plenty of ways to include fruit like bananas in your diet. Of course, eating it raw is the easiest, but you can use in savoury dishes as well. From banana chips to pancakes, this creamy and sweet fruit is used in a variety of preparations. You can use the fruit, leaves and flowers as well for culinary use. 

Bananas are great for your health. They are high in fibre, which means consuming bananas aid digestion and good gut health.  They are also high in potassium, which helps regulate heartbeat, blood pressure and keep your brain health in check. To reap the health benefits, try these easy banana recipes. 

Quick and easy banana recipes to help you get all the potassium you need. 

1. Banana Chips 

These are dried, crispy slices of banana. Banana chips are an easy-to-make South Indian recipe that has been a favourite of many for eternity. 

2. Banana Pancakes 

Prepared with jaggery, rice flour, bananas, and some spices, these pancakes come with a dash of vanilla flavouring. This recipe is great for breakfast. 

3. Raw Banana Kebab

An easy, delicious and healthy snack recipe to get your party started. This kebab recipe is filled with the goodness of bananas mixed with potatoes and topped with spices. 

4. Raw Banana Samosa 

Give your regular aloo samosa a healthy banana twist with this recipe. Perfect for monsoons, this snack is prepared with raw banana combined with chilli and spices. 

5. Banana Fritters 

Made with sweet, fruity banana, these fritters are fried golden hot to perfection. There are full of flavour and perfect for any meal.