5 Delectable cocoa butter chocolates that ditch vegetable fats

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5 Delectable cocoa butter chocolates that ditch vegetable fats
5 Delectable cocoa butter chocolates that ditch vegetable fats

Chocolates are the most prioritised munching snack. They have the power to satisfy our sweet tooth anytime and anywhere. Chocolates made from cocoa butter are one of the decent sources of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Cocoa butter is a type of fat derived while processing cocoa beans. It is highly effective to make skin, brain and blood cells healthier. The fatty acids of cocoa butter makes chocolate pure, healthy, smooth, shiny, mouth melting and indeed flavourful. 

Here is the list of cocoa butter chocolates that you can consume in everyday life.


1. Galaxy Milk Chocolate

Feel the richness of cocoa butter with mouth melting Galaxy Milk Chocolates post meals. It has a smoother texture that makes it a mouth melting treat. This chocolate bar is prepared with minimal ingredients that gives the chocolate a natural vanilla flavour. 


Price: Rs. 500 (Pack of 25)

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2. Twix Chocolates

Experience the rich combination of caramel and chocolate with these Twix chocolates. It is an original caramel chocolate cookie bar which makes it an ideal munching snack. It has a crunchy and caramelised flavour that makes us irresistible. 


Price: Rs. 1250 (Pack of 25) 

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3. Hershey ‘s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses are the perfect sweet treats to share special moments. They are available in 3 flavours namely Cookies n Creme, Almonds and Milk Chocolate. The smooth and shiny texture of the chocolates is loved worldwide. The small sized chocolates are delicately wrapped telling us to say everything with a KISS. 


Price: Rs. 420 (Pack of 3) 

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4. Bounty Miniatures Chocolates

Bounty is a name that comes to our mind when we think about coconuts and chocolates together. The moist coconut rolled in silky cocoa butter chocolate makes it a premium luxe chocolate. With ethically sourced ingredients, this chocolate is a sheer delight. 


Price: Rs. 510

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5. Toblerone of Switzerland

Toblerone is a milk chocolate that is infused with honey and almond nougat. The triangular shape of the chocolate makes it a perfect snacking chocolate. It comes in three delectable flavours namely Swiss Dark, Swiss Milk and Swiss Fruit and Nuts. 


Price: Rs. 710

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Now you can experience the sweetness and purity of cocoa butter to tempt your tastebuds. The mouth melting texture of the chocolates is something that you can't stop drooling over. Enjoy the richness of cocoa butter in every bite you have!


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