5 Delicious dishes you can prepare using coconut as the key ingredient

Updated on Jun 16, 2021 05:18 PM IST  |  192K
5 dishes you can prepare using coconut

Coconut is a versatile food that has traditional value and it can serve as a multipurpose food with several health benefits as well. Coconut is the superfood that can be consumed to rejuvenate instantly on a hot summer day! You can relish coconut in the form of chutney, curry, sauce, water, in the main course or even as dessert. 

There are plenty of recipes you can make at home using coconut. There are so many culinary hidden gems that can be made using coconut, especially down south in India where it is traditional and there are so many authentic South Indian dishes that can be made using coconut. Here are 5 such dishes you can make at home.

Chicken Chettinad

This is a classic Indian recipe that consists of chicken cooked with coconut milk in the gravy. It includes lots of spices and herbs and it usually tastes spicy but the coconut version of it can be sweet with well-balanced flavours making for a special main course meal.

Coconut pana cotta

This coconut version of the Italian dessert is amazing for someone who loves coconut with a sweet tooth! The coconut milk goes really well with the gelato and absolutely blends in. It will take only about 30 minutes to prepare this dish.

Coconut fish curry

Any fish curry cooked without using coconut milk is incomplete. Seafood and coconut milk go along really well in terms of flavours. All you need to do is add coconut milk to your curry and let it cook and take in all the flavours. 

Thai green curry

The traditional Thai curry is the staple of Thai cuisine. It is the comfort dish that we all love. You can simply cook the curry with coconut milk mixed with Thai spices and serve it with sticky rice.

Coconut rice

The staple diet of South Indian cuisine, coconut rice goes really well with all kinds of curry combinations and vegetables. You can make coconut rice at home using all the spices and herbs from Southern India and make a perfect meal for the family to devour.

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