5 Different recipes to make from healthy and delicious corn

Do you love corn? If so, here are 5 recipes you can prepare to satisfy your taste buds.
5 Different recipes to make from healthy and delicious corn
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We tend to overlook the goodness and power of natural resources that can help to combat most of our everyday health concerns. From health to skin and hair, it can help ward off all problems. One such food is corn. Corn is a cereal grain that was first cultivated in parts of Mexico and Central America. Did you know that the yellow colour corn also comes in different colours like red, orange, purple, and more? 

Not only is it tasty, but it is also rich in various nutrients that can help you in more ways than one. They are high in carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Carbs present in corn comes with starch, which can raise your blood sugar levels if consumed in excess. However, the presence of fibre in corn can also help balance your blood sugar levels. If you eat a balanced diet, you can reap the benefits of corn. 

So, if you love corn already and want to learn some dishes that you can prepare in a jiffy, then check out the recipe collection right here. 

1. Corn Patties 

A tasty, deep-fried recipe you should definitely try if you don’t suffer from any health problems. It is perfect as a snack for when it's raining outside. 

2. Corn Soup 

Looking for a healthy recipe? Look no more as we have found this delicious corn soup recipe that will make you reach for more. 

3. Corn Capsicum Masala 

A north Indian dish made with the goodness of capsicum and corn in a creamy gravy with spices mixed in it. 

4. Crispy Corn Cheese Balls  

Try this crispy cheese balls recipe filled with delicous, melted cheese. One of the most popular dishes, it will definitely tantalize your taste buds. 

5. Spicy Masala Sweet Corn 

Raise your hand if you miss the spicy masala sweet corn you find in the streets. Bring the delectable taste to your kitchen with these 3 different recipes to make sweet corn.  

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