5 Dinner recipes you can prepare using RICE for a delicious feast

Rice is a staple diet food that can be eaten with various styles of cooking. It is light, delicious and super easy to prepare. Here are 5 dinner recipes you can prepare using rice for a proper feast.
Rice biryani Dinner recipes to prepare using rice
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Rice is a staple diet of India that includes easily the most variety of dishes. It can be eaten as an entree, main course and even for dessert. It is a versatile food that can be made into several dishes and served for a delicious feast on any occasion. 

Rice is easy to make and easy to store. You can prepare a feast super quick and easy using just the main and key ingredients like herbs, spices, vegetables and your choice of protein.

There are various recipes you can cook as a main course with rice. Here are our top 5:

Mushroom risotto

The creamy and buttery mushroom risotto is comfort food for many. It can be made using rice, mushroom and butter. It is a fine dish that can be had as part of the main course for dinner. It is filling and absolutely lip-smacking delicious. Also, one can never go wrong with mushroom risotto, it is that easy to make.

Mutton biryani

This is among the top favourite foods of all time, especially in Asia and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is made with spices, rice and meat. In addition to meat, you can add potatoes to your Biryani to help balance the flavour. This beautifully spiced dish can be eaten as the main course for dinner.

Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice is the easiest dish to make that tastes super delicious. All you have to do is stir fry rice in a wok or a frying pan using some spices herbs and eggs. You can also go with chicken, vegetables or seafood instead of eggs. 

Rice pudding

One for the sweet tooth to end your perfect meal on a sweet note. Rice pudding or rice kheer is easy to make and taste delicious. It can be made using rice and milk and you can add sugar or jaggery as a sweetener to it. 


If you are a sushi lover and you love Japanese cuisine or you simply want variety on your table, then go for a quick sushi recipe. All you need to make sushi is sushi rice, your choice of filling, rolling mat, nori and soy sauce.

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