5 Dishes you must try in Meghalaya

The flavours and spices used in Meghalayan dishes are quite distinctive that will leave you in awe with every bite you devour.

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Here are 5 Dishes you must try when in Meghalaya
5 Dishes you must try in Meghalaya
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Meghalaya, one of the most vibrant Northeastern states holds a rich culinary affair that is definitely a must-try. Rice, being the most favourite staple of many Northeastern states is utilised in multiple creative ways to make the meals light and filling in Meghalaya. The flavours and spices used in Meghalayan dishes are quite distinctive that will leave you in awe with every bite you devour. Right from bamboo shoots to pork-based dishes and the street delicacies like momos- you will expect distinctive styles and typical cooking patterns from the delicacies found in this state.

Here are 5 Dishes you must try when in Meghalaya

  1. Jadoh

Jadoh is one of the traditional famous street food in the state of Meghalaya that is prepared from a unique combination of red rice and pork. The dish is related to the Khasi community and almost every other place on the roads of Meghalaya will serve this luscious dish. Seasoned with local spices and containing a blend of chopped vegetables, the flavours of this dish will make you drool over it. The dish is sometimes served with eggs and some chutney to bring out a unique taste.


  1. Doh-Khlieh

Right from steamed, boiled, fried or grilled- Meghalayan cuisine relishes pork in every delicious way. It is one of the most loved staples amongst locals. Doh-Khleih is yet another pork dish that is a kind of salad made of minced pork, green chillies, and onions. It is a curry-loaded dish that is usually served with bread. Moreover, the boiled pork is cooked with onions, chillies, spices, tangy stock and salt to enhance the nutritional profile and the zest.


  1. Nakham Bitchi

Nakham is some sort of dry fish that is further boiled or fried to prepare this luscious soup or bitchi. Further accompanied by vegetables and very soothing and light spices, this dish is perfect comfort food that can be relished on a cosy winter night. Small shacks serve the best flavour of this dish and therefore whenever in Meghalaya, don’t forget to try this nutritious soup from street stalls.

Nakham Bitchi

  1. Pudoh

Prepared with steamed rice and pork, this dish contains very unique and wholesome flavours of local herbs and spices that can make you come for more. The boiled rice is steamed with pieces of pork to infuse the best of flavours. This curry-based dish is usually served during special occasions like weddings.

  1. Pukhlein

Powdered rice coated with sugar syrup that is prepared from melting jaggery, Pukhlein is a type of sweet dish that can be relished after meals without any guilt as it is quite healthy. A thick paste from rice and jaggery mixture is prepared which is further fried deeply until golden brown and crisp. It looks like pancakes and is prepared from the technique of deep-frying. With crushed pistachios as a topping, every bite of this dish is pure bliss!


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