5 Easy Korean dishes to try at home

If you love to indulge in Korean foods and want to give them a try at home, then this article is for you. Here, we have jotted down 5 popular Korean preparations that you can easily make at your home.
5 Easy Korean dishes to try at home5 Easy Korean dishes to try at home
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Korean foods may seem to be very tough for you to make at home because of its soups, stews, pickled side dishes etc. But there are many easy Korean dishes that you can make at your home without investing much time. Korean cuisine is highly popular all around the world. Primarily Kimchi is one of the most popular Korean dishes that everyone loves to indulge in.


So, if you are an ardent lover of Korean foods and want to prepare some lip-smacking dishes of this cuisine, then here are some easy Korean preparations to try at home with their recipes. Check them out right below.


Korean preparations to try at home.


Kimchi fried rice

It’s a great way of utilizing your leftover Kimchi. You can also toss it with Canadian bacon or thinly sliced ham or pork. Tofu would also be a great idea to make it rich with vegetarian protein.



Korean pan-fried fish

It’s a popular traditional main dish and the recipe of it is quite simple as well. You can enjoy this recipe with some spicy dipping sauce or soy sauce.



Korean pancake with scallions

This recipe is considered to be a great side dish and quite a popular one. So, you can indulge in it with some soy sauce.



Korean seasoned spinach

This seasoned spinach recipe needs only 15 minutes to get prepared and is a great main dish. It can also be consumed as a side dish with other main Korean foods like chapchae, kimbap or bibimbap.



Korean rolled egg omelette

You can make it only in 10 minutes and have it in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Different types of veggies or meat can also be added to this dish.

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