5 Falooda recipes to keep you cool this summer

Falooda is a drink nobody can resist, especially during the summer season. Here are 5 delicious falooda recipes you can make at home.
Quick recipes,Falooda Recipes,Cool Drinks 5 Falooda recipes to keep you cool this summer
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Falooda is a creamy and sweet Indian delicacy made with vermicelli noodles, rose syrup, sabja or basil seeds, milk and ice-cream. The ingredients may differ depending on the recipe. Regardles, this dessert cum drink tastes divine! Along with a rich taste, this dish has a rich history as well. Originally, it is a part of the Persian cuisine and it was introduced by Mughals in India. Did you know that Jahangir was extremely fond of this drink? At that times, it was served only in the royal court. Later, it became popular throughout the world and transformed into the refreshing dessert-drink loved by many

The refreshing drink is great for the summer season when the scorching sun is on the high and all you want to do is stay as cool as possible. Which is why we have compiled a list of 5 yummy falooda recipes you can try at home. That’s right, you don’t need to visit a fancy place to get the drink. With the right ingredients, you can make this mounth-watering dish yourself.  

Here are 5 falooda recipes you should try this summer. 

1. Royal Falooda 

Try this heavenly mix of sabja seeds, falooda sev, ice cream, jelly, rose syrup and nuts to beat the heat this summer. 

2. Mango Falooda 

What’s better than the concoction of the royal falooda and the goodness of mango? Have this easy-to-make drink to cool you down in the sweltering heat. 

3. Jelly Falooda 

Make your falooda more interesting with this recipe. This dessert has contrasting flavours with chewy falooda seeds, vermicelli and the fun jelly. 

4. Kulfi Falooda 

For this one, ditch the flavoured milk and make your falooda with pure kulfi to bring back some childhood memories. 

5. Rabdi Falooda 

Imagine the goodness of rabdi combined with the flavours of falooda. This recipe is tried and tested – it is amazing! 

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