5 Flavorful recipes that showcase the best of Bihari cuisine

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Recipes that showcase the best of Bihari cuisine
Recipes that showcase the best of Bihari cuisine

When you think of Bihari cuisine, delicious visuals of Litti Chokha probably jump to your mind. While this is a famous snack from the state, it is not the only dish that’s native to the region. There are plenty of other palatable delicacies right from the mouth-watering Khasta Thekua to Dushka that are consumed in the state. If you’d like a deeper insight into Bihari food, then read on for 5 recipes that will help you savor a wide range of Bihari dishes.


Bihari Khasta Thekua

If you love the French Madeleine cookies, then you must try the Khasta Thekua. After all, the best way to get acquainted with a new cuisine is to taste a delicacy that is prepared traditionally and Khasta Thekua is this precisely. This deep-fried goodness is cooked from dried coconut, wheat flour, and sugar during festivities like Chhath puja.

Dal Pithi or Pasta Dumplings

Ever wondered if the wide range of Indian cuisines in our country includes a vegan range of pasta? Well, apparently dal pithi is the one that can be shaped in a few different ways. It is widely relished in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh.

Dushka for breakfast

If you’re looking up whip up a quick snack in the kitchen for the kids, then this is your best bet. This is a vegetarian dish that makes for a nutritious breakfast. Alternatively, it can be had with your evening tea as a wholesome snack.

Bihari Kachri fritters & Ghugni gravy

The two of these dishes need not be made together, as Kachri fritters fall in the category of finger food that’s perfect for a cold winter morning with chai. On the other hand, Ghugni is part of your main course as it is a gravy you can have with a bed of rice or roti.

If you wish to wow your guests with some unconventional fare, then cook from one of these recipes to taste the flavors of Bihar in your home kitchen!

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