5 Food and alcohol combinations that you should avoid

Updated on Jul 24, 2021 04:29 PM IST  |  133.9K
5 Food and alcohol combinations that you should avoid

While stepping out for a drink or throwing a party at home, we often mistake snacking with alcohol in order to avoid a bad hangover. Some food and alcohol combinations can go completely wrong as there isn’t much thought put into it. These foods can put you into bad acid reflux causing bloating, burning pain in the chest the next morning or feeling sick and wanting to throw up.

While it may seem that few snacks are a great combination to go with alcohol, here are a few foods you should avoid while drinking. 


Chocolates seem like the best combination to go with alcohol but they’re certainly not. Chocolates can create gastric problems and aggravate acidity in your stomach while drinking.

Beans and red wine

While sipping on your glass of red wine may seem ideal, having beans with it does not. Make sure you don’t include beans in your dinner post your drinking session as beans or lentils contain a high amount of iron which does not get absorbed by your body when you are drinking.

Excess fried and salty food

Salty and fried foods are a big no-no while drinking. Think twice before you reach out munch on fries or nuggets that contain extra salt. These types of foods can dehydrate you instantly and drain your energy. So, next time skip the fries and opt for a grilled chicken or vegetable instead.


Bread and beer is another harmful combination of food and alcohol that should be avoided at all costs. Bread will only make your bloating worse and it will dehydrate your body. You may end up throwing if you drink an excess amount of beer and pair it with bread.


Coffee and booze are a strict no even though they might sound right in your head. Caffeine can dehydrate your body while drinking. It may work well for some people by making them alert, but it will only end up in drinking more alcohol which is worse.

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