5 Foods that make your acne problems even worse

Updated on Oct 07, 2020 05:32 AM IST  |  1.8M
5 Foods that make your acne problems even worse

Among all kinds of skin problems, acne is the prime issue that everyone goes through. People with acne-prone skin tend to follow several things for their skincare regime to resolve acne issues.

But following different skincare rituals and using several products cannot cure this issue. There are many food items that we consume often and they can also make acne even worse. So, if you want to solve your pimple problem, then eliminate or limit your intake of those foods.

Foods that are making your acne even worse:

Skimmed milk

Low fat or fat-free milk has a link with acne, according to researchers. People who are lactose-intolerant can also have skin issues for it. It’s also bad for their GI system (Gastrointestinal tract). Milk is all about growth hormones which create imbalances in the hormones of your body causing oily skin and breakouts. Try almond milk or rice milk instead.

Egg whites

We have always heard the opposite that egg yolks are bad for health. That’s a nutrition myth and it also doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol. Rather egg yolks are important for the skin as it has Vitamin B which cures acne, dryness and rashes. So, people with pimple issues can have egg yolks instead of egg whites.


Mayonnaise has soybean oil in it which is inflammatory and has isoflavones. Soy can act like estrogen in our body. So, imbalances of hormones can result in a great hormonal breakout. Protein bars, vegetable burgers, etc. all have soybean oil.

White bread

White bread, pasta, cereals, oatmeal can all accelerate the ageing process causing acne and all other skin issues. They can also affect our blood sugar and insulin levels. So, always go for whole grains.

Excess consumption of meat

Excess consumption of meat can affect our digestive system causing acne and other skin issues. But people having a plant-based diet have reported having fewer skin issues because the antioxidants, fibres and minerals in it detoxify our body daily.

Some other foods causing your acne worse are fast foods, energy drinks, alcohol, pizza, soda, etc.

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Anonymous : I eat none of the above but I still get loads of acne
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : try to visit doctors for pcos
REPLY 0 4 months ago
Anonymous : Eat alot of orange, watermelon, dry fruits..
REPLY 0 4 months ago
Anonymous : I only consume low fat milk from the above list but still I m free from acne problem.That means ur article is partly right.
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Pinkvilla is trying to say that junk food and dairy can give you pimples which is true for some but not for all
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : Then could I eat corn flakes with milk?
REPLY 0 3 months ago