5 Homemade ice-cream recipes to tantalise your taste buds

Many people are still avoiding to eat from outside vendors, but they can't help but miss their favourite dishes and desserts. If you too are missing your favourite ice-cream, here are 5 recipes you can try.
5 Homemade ice-cream recipes to tantalise your taste buds
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Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of ice-cream that slowly tingles the taste buds? Nothing tastes more delicious than ice cream on a hot summer day. Available in a plethora of flavours and a range of toppings, everyone has a favourite. But it is quite difficult to get your hands on some delicious ice creams at times like these. The restrictions have been lifted, but we have to be careful of what we buy and eat from the vendors. 

One sure shot solution is to make the dishes you like at home. Don’t be intimated by homemade ice-cream! It is very simple to make, and the results are worth it. So, for those of who are looking for an ice-cream treat, we have you covered. 

Here are some homemade ice-cream recipes to give you a sugar rush.  

1. Mango Ice Cream 

Made with just a handful of ingredients including mango, heavy cream and powdered sugar, this creamy and delicious mango ice cream is a must for all mango lovers. 

2. Choco Bar 

Nothing beats the classic Choco bar! If you too used to binge on this delight when you were a kid, then you shouldn’t miss this one. Cream, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, chilled milk is mixed together until the mixture reaches a thick consistency. Transferred into popsicle moulds and dipped in dripping dark chocolate will definitely satisfy your taste buds. 

3. Chocolate Ice Cream   

It’s time for one of the most loved flavours, chocolate! Try this simple recipe appended in the video below to make your favourite ice-cream at home. Heavy cream, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, milk mixed with a little bit of vanilla extract and salt. Freeze it in an airtight container and have it cold and creamy. 

4. Matka Malai Kulfi 

Nothing’s better than homemade Matka kulfi with the goodness of nuts in it. Milk, cream and milk powder along with almonds, pistachios and sugar are boiled until the mixture reaches a thick consistency. Transfer the mixture in a small matka and cover with cling wrap or aluminium foil, and freeze it.

5. Custard Ice Cream 

Love custard ice-cream? Try this easy-peasy recipe made with milk, sugar, custard powder, cream, condensed milk and some tutti frutti. You can either make custard popsicle or freeze it in a square container. 

Check out the recipes right below: 

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