5 Iconic dishes you can make at home that will take you back to the streets of Delhi

If you want to go through a little trip down the memory lane of Delhi street food, then we have got you covered. Here are 5 North Indian food dishes that we reminisce about and wish to taste soon.
gol gappe 5 Iconic dishes from Delhi you can make at home
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Delhi in North India is bustling with scrumptious dishes and exceptionally famous for its street food that will just blow your mind away. If you too like us are missing the whiffing aroma of the aloo tikki frying on the pan or the parathas getting soaked in oil and deep fried then you have landed at the right place.

With the ongoing pandemic, getting to taste authentic Delhi street food seems like a far fetched dream that we ache for. However, some of these dishes can be easily cooked at home by looking up multiple recipes online on Youtube.

Without further ado, here are 5 dishes from the famous streets of Delhi that you can make at home: 


The deep fried parathas smeared with butter all over are a mouthful to eat and savour. These parathas are the best choice for a wholesome breakfast. You can match it with green chutney, curd or tomato sauce and serve it hot. 

Aloo tikki

The famous aloo tikki can be eaten as a snack or as a filler between meals. You can serve it with bun maska or eat it with masala, chickpeas, Imli chutney, green chutney and yoghurt. You can match it with chai and this could be a favourite Monsoon snack item in your household. 

Dahi bhalla

Dahi bhallas are the famous North India dish that si a favourite for many Indians. It is delicious and mouth watering. You can eat it with a mix of curd, imli chutney that is sweet, green chutney and sprinkle some aloo bhujiya on top of it. 

Chole kulche

Another favourite dish among all the Delhiites, the famous chole kulche that is served in every corner and parts of Delhi, is absolutely delicious and super easy to make at home. You can prepare it with nicely chopped onions, fresh tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon. The cherry on the top is the kulchas fried in butter. Everything combined together, this is a flavourful dish. 

Gol gappe

How can we forget the all time favourite gol gappe. While in Delhi, one can never miss out on gol gappe and this dish can be served as a snack in any household. You can fill the shell with different kinds of stuffing like aloo, chutney and water. It’s an explosion of flavour in your mouth with one mouthful of puri filled with water.

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