5 immunity boosting foods you should add to your diet immediately

THESE foods are a must-have in your diet as they boost your immunity like nothing else. Check it out
5 immunity boosting foods you should add to your diet immediately
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Immunity is a balanced state of the body that help in fighting the bad viruses, infections and other biological invasions that take place on a day to day basis. People with low immunity levels tend to fall sick often because their body does not have the power to fight the infections. So, it is very important to have steady immunity in order to live a healthy life.

The good thing is that food can help you cope with your lost immunity. So, here are the top 5 foods you should include in your diet. 

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins which help in the repair of tissues. It is also necessary for the growth and development of them. It is also helpful in boosting the collagen production that helps in healing wounds faster. It is known to increase the white blood cells that help in fighting some deadly viruses and infections. 


Garlic is one ingredient that is found in most cuisines around the world. Garlic is known to have a strong smell and taste but it is extremely helpful in lowering and maintaining a steady blood pressure which in turn helps in slowing down the hardening of arteries. 


Ginger is one ingredient that people often turn to when they are sick. Now, this is not just for fun but there is a legit reason behind it. Ginger helps in reducing inflammation which is why it is consumed when one is suffering from a sore throat, cold or the flu.


Turmeric is one of the most used ingredients in curries across the world. It’s anti-oxidant properties are have been used to treat many inflammatory diseases. The curcumin found in turmeric also helps in improving heart health.


Yoghurt is a dairy product that is obtained from fermenting milk with yoghurt culture. Now, due to the fermentation process, yoghurt is filled with live and active cultures that help in increasing the immunity levels of the body. It stimulates the immune system to enhance healthy gut bacteria and protect against diseases of the immune system. 


DISCLAIMER: These food products are listed based on research and points mentioned on popular websites. Please consult a doctor before experimenting with or consuming them.

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