5 Indo Chinese dishes you can easily make at home to kill hunger pangs

The lockdown has turned everyone into master chefs who are taking interest in dishing out their favourite food recipes at home. Chinese with an Indian twist being a favourite amongst people, this popular cuisine is easy to make and cook. Here are 5 desi Chinese dishes you can cook at home.
Indo Chinese food 5 Indo Chinese dishes you can easily make at home to kill hunger pangs
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While all of us have taken down to cooking and master this skill to become top chefs post quarantine, we know sourcing ingredients can be a challenging task during the lockdown. If you are missing your favourite momos, noodles and fried rice during the lockdown, fret not, as we are here to give you a list of 5 easy to make Indo-Chinese food dishes at the comfort your own house.

If there’s anything fusion that Indians love is this, the love for Indo-Chinese food is endless. Chinese food mixed with a range of Indian spices, herbs and other ingredients is what we call a desi twist of authentic Chinese cuisine. Let us look at some Indo-Chinese dishes you can make at home.

1. Momos

The undying love for momos amongst many Indians makes this dish a hot favourite across the country. You can easily make these at home with various filling like carrot, cabbage, onion enclosed in a thin layer of maida. You can steam momos like idlis in a steamer and they’re ready.

2. Honey chilli potatoes

Another favourite Indian snack that counts as Indo-Chinese cuisine is this. Honey chilli potatoes are easy to make and taste delicious tossed with honey and spices. 

3. Fried rice

This dish requires minimal effort and are easy to make. You can toss the rice with a mix of vegetables and spices. Add sauces to the fried rice and you’re done.

4. Hakka noodles

These noodles require minimal ingredients like capsicum, onion, a mix of vegetables, spring onion and are made with soy sauce, vinegar and pepper. Stir the noodles with vegetables until it is in light brown or golden colour.

5. Spring rolls

The crunchy outer layer and a soft filling of vegetables make this dish a favourite Indian snack. It can be paired with tea or drinks as a snack. Super easy to make, all you have to do is fill the rice wrappers with stir fried vegetables and noodles and deep fry the spring rolls until they are light brown or golden in colour.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

Manchurian is a Indian dish my Chinese friend never heard about it as well as haaka noodles and btw momos are nepali not Chinese or indo Chinese although there are Chinese dumplings but momos aren’t one of them

Anonymous 7 months ago

Hey! Manchurian and orange vegan chicken are tasty too!

Anonymous 7 months ago

My mouth is watering!!!