5 Items you must add to your picnic backpack

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5 Items you must add to your picnic backpack
5 Items you must add to your picnic backpack

Picnics are fun and incomplete without fresh home cooked meals and exotic beverages. Planning picnics under the sun either in gardens, free grasslands or in the interiors of the city are highly enjoyable with a scenic landscape. Such types of picnic accompanied with meals require proper planning and organisation of essentials. We make it easy for you by pinning some items that you must add to your picnic backpack.

1. Seagrass Storage Basket Picnic Bag

Picnic basket is mandatory to ensure that cooked food, fruits, vegetables and juices stays as fresh as possible. On the other hand, you have to take care that your containers should be airtight and the bottles should not leak. To avoid shaking of bottles and twirling of containers you should own this Seagrass Storage Basket Picnic Bag. It provides a sturdy surface and helps to manage space keeping your basket stain-free. 


Price: Rs. 1599

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2. Picnic Blanket

This picnic blanket is foldable and portable. It has a waterproof backing that keeps your blanket or picnic mat stain-free, water and sand proof. This easy to carry blanket prevents dampness and provides a smooth fleece on the top. Looking for an itch free and comfortable soft blanket for picnics? Grab this foldable picnic essential now.  


Price: Rs. 1500 

Deal: Rs. 538

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3. Picnic Utensil Set

Cutlery is important to serve food and snacks. This Picnic Utensil Set comes with a travel case that contains 13 stainless steel cutlery. It includes spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks. This family set is perfect if you are planning picnics or love camping under sky and in the greens.


Price: Rs. 6320

Deal: Rs. 4423

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4. Garden Umbrella with Stand

Umbrella is a must if you wish to enjoy the picnic to fullest. Picnics are usually planned under the sun which indirectly results in skin tan. Now you don't have to worry about the post picnic effects if you own this Garden Umbrella with Stand. It is thick and also has a waterproof fabric. 


Price: Rs. 1899

Deal: Rs. 1549

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5. Portable Folding Chair

If you cannot sit without a backrest for a longer time then this portable folding chair belongs to you. On the other hand, your grandparents or relatives who cannot sit on the picnic mat with folded legs can also accompany you for the picnic. This chair has an armrest and a cup holder for easy travelling. 


Price: Rs. 2099

Deal: Rs. 999

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Now you can master the art of planning picnic and outdoor meals with these picnic essentials. With these items, organising a picnic is an easy peasy job. Add them all to your picnic backpack and enjoy a hustle free day under the sun. What’s better than spending some quality time with your family on the greens and under the blue?


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