5 must-have food items to satiate those midnight hunger pangs

Updated on Nov 04, 2020 12:04 PM IST  |  554.9K
5 must-have food items to satiate those midnight hunger pangs

Be it early morning or midnight, hunger is something that is not in our hands. We have to listen to our stomach growls and attend to it. Just when we have gotten all settled in in the blanket and are ready to doze off, we suddenly feel this urge to eat something and fill our stomachs. While snacking at midnight occasionally is not a problem, but making it a habit can be quite harmful to your health.

Midnight snacking is something that we all indulge in and we have all gone through the confusion of what to eat. There are a lot of types of foods that you can eat at midnight, healthy and occasionally unhealthy ones. But we have to make sure to not overdo it as our stomach has to work overtime to digest the midnight snacks that we indulge in. So, here’s a list of foods that you can have to fill your stomach at midnight to your heart’s content.


This one’s easy to make and doesn’t require too much effort. It is easy to digest and is not too heavy on the stomach.


Okay, we all know that this one comes in the unhealthy category. You can indulge in Maggi noodles occasionally as this is the ultimate comfort food.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are healthy and nutritious and are always good for the body. They are quite filling and will always benefit your system.


Chocolates bring us joy and comfort and are always hidden in some corner of our refrigerator. If you have a sweet tooth, just have a bite or two of chocolate and don’t go overboard with it.


Instant foods

Whether it's cup noodles or poha or anything else, instant foods are made for such occasions, when you are feeling hungry but are not in the mood to cook.

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