Add THESE 5 products from Amazon to complete your kitchen tool set

Make your hours spent in the kitchen more fun and easy with these 5 tools your kitchen is incomplete without. Check it out!
Add THESE 5  products from Amazon to complete your kitchen tool set Add THESE 5 products from Amazon to complete your kitchen tool set
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Cooking is an art and like any artist, only the right tools can deliver the best result. If you love eating, obviously who doesn’t? you should pick your kitchen utensils that compliments your daily diet and help you in spending fewer hours in the kitchen by getting things done at a quicker pace. Either treat yourself with cool kitchen products or gift them to the ones you love. Here are the essential 5 kitchen tools which one must most necessarily have for fun cooking!

Manual Stainless Steel Roti Press

Tired of trying for the perfect circle shaped roti? Well, here is the tool you want. This roti press manual toll is useful for flattening or pressing poori, papad and khakra in the kitchen. You will get super thin rotis in the shape you desired for.

Price: Rs 599

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Frying Tong

If you often cook fried items, then it's for sure you need this thong to take that delicious food from the oil pan without rolling it out or changing its shape. Also, ergonomic designed slip-resistant vinyl coating grips for greater comfort, never worry about burning your finger.

Price: Rs 279

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Wooden Spatulas 

There are endless needs for spatulas of different types in the kitchen. Steel being a conductor of heat, opting for wooden spatulas can make the process easier, safer and simple. With its simple yet fancy texture, the spoons can easily be cleaned with the use of mild water and soap. The lightweight and standard size reflects its portability and makes it suitable for use even on picnics.

Price: Rs 199

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Measuring Plastic Spoon Set

This adjustable measuring spoons and cups set can be used as a small and large scale measuring spoon seasoning tool, which combines all teaspoons and tablespoons into a handy tool. It's convenient for you to store these measuring spoons with magnetic on the back. Definitely, a must buy kitchen tool.

Price: Rs 499

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Spice Rack Set 

You may be new to the kitchen duties or not, organisational skills are a must in this area. To find the right ingredient at the right moment use this spice rack set. The carousel design makes it easy for you to access your spice collection.

Price: Rs 549

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