5 QUICK and EASY Vegetable sandwich recipes to try at home

You can never say no to a light and delicious sandwich! Filled with flavours and the nutritiousness of fresh vegetables, they are easily the most consumed type of snack. So here are 5 delicious and incredibly simple recipes for you to make delectable and health sandwiches at home.
5 QUICK and EASY Vegetable sandwich recipes to try at home
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Who doesn’t like sandwiches? They are the go-to food for any occasion, be it a party, a picnic or a get-together. They are easy to eat and even easier to prepare. Most types of sandwiches are loaded with vegetables and often include butter and cheese in them.


There are many variations when it comes to the kind of vegetables to include in a sandwich. A delicious and healthy sandwich can be prepared in many ways. Check out 5 easy and quick recipes to prepare scrumptious yet nutritious sandwiches. 

Paneer sandwich


Shallow fry paneer slices in oil along with some thinly sliced tomatoes, onions and capsicums. Spread some butter on two bread slices, and place the sliced vegetables and paneer on them. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and put the other slice on top. Shallow fry it in oil and cut into two halves. Serve.


Cheese sandwich


Butter two slices of bread and place a slice of cheese on each bread slice. Add some chopped onions, tomatoes and capsicums. Season with some pepper, chilli flakes and salt. Place the slice on top of the other slice and lightly fry it in oil. 


Mayonnaise sandwich


Mix some chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicums in a bowl. Season with some salt and red chilli flakes. Add 3 tbsp of mayonnaise to it. Mix well and place this mixture on two buttered slices of bread. Join the two slices and shallow fry them in oil. Serve.

Banana sandwich


Spread some butter on two slices of bread and place diced bananas on each slice. Sprinkle some salt, pepper and chaat masala on top. Put the other slice on top and fry the two slices in oil. Cut this into two equal halves and serve.


Vegetable sandwich


Prepare some coriander chutney by blending some garlic cloves, green chillies and coriander leaves along with a pinch of salt and some water. Take two slices of bread, spread some butter and apply this chutney on it. Place some thinly sliced capsicum, boiled potatoes and tomatoes on it. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Put the other slice on top and cut it into two halves.


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