5 quick finger food recipes for your kids to enjoy

Finger foods are mess-free. Check out some quick finger food recipes to get your kids excited about snacking.
Quick recipes,Finger Foods,Recipes for Kids 5 quick finger food recipes for your kids to enjoy
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As the coronavirus continues to spread in the country, kids are stuck at home with very little to do. Your kids might not be doing a lot of physical activities, but they get exhausting all the indoor games. That’s when mom’s cooking comes into play to help get back all the energy in between these indoor shenanigans. There is nothing more satisfying than ingesting some crispy delights. 

The best way to feed your fussy eater is by giving them finger foods. Finger foods are defined as foods that can be eaten directly with your fingers. Bite-sized finger foods brimming with countless flavours are perfect for your kid. It is a great way to teach your toddler to develop some independent eating as well. While giving them veggies and fruits is a great option, you can try some recipes as well to feed your kids. 

Here are 5 finger food recipes for your kid. 

Paneer Cheese Balls 

Your kid will become a fan of this delicious crisp balls with a gooey cheesy filling in no time. 

Potato Wedges  

Kids love potatoes. With these wedges, snacking will become your kids’ favourite meal of the day. Not only are they mess-free, but they are stress-free to make as well. 

Banana Bites

These are easy to make and one of the best ways to bring the goodness of banana to your kids’ plate. 

Crunchy Egg Fingers  

Crunchy egg fingers are perfect for kids who don't like to eat egg otherwise. 

Lentil Veggie Nuggets 

Can’t get your fussy eater to sit and enjoy some snacks? This recipe might help. Lentil veggie nuggets might just become your kids’ favourite snack. 

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