5 Quick recipes for yummy dishes to make using leftover paneer

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5 quick recipes for yummy dishes to make using leftover paneer
5 quick recipes for yummy dishes to make using leftover paneer

The average Indian fridge can be a treasure trove of leftovers that are carefully packed away after every meal. So when you wish to up whip up a snack, but have little time on your hands, look no further than your refrigerator shelf. Paneer or cottage cheese is probably one of the most popular items we tend to find as leftovers. Be it raw paneer, a day old palak paneer or paneer butter masala; you can repurpose this ingredient in any of its forms into something nutritious and delicious. Read on to discover five such recipes to help you satiate your hunger pangs.


  1. Scrumptious parathe made from leftover palak paneer

Palak paneer is probably the one dish that we frequently make when we’re expecting guests. Perhaps this is why there’s so much of it leftover the next day when your dinner guests leave. Now fret no more, for this recipe helps you repurpose it into healthy palak paneer paranthe that can be a delicious breakfast.


  1. A lip-smacking biryani using leftover paneer butter masala

If you’re a fan of vegetable biryani, then this one’s for you. All you need is some long grain rice and a few fresh veggies for the seasoning and tadka. Take a look at the complete recipe that lets you make biryani using paneer butter masala.


  1. Sandwiches using paneer curry

Do you happen to have some leftover paneer curry in your fridge that you simply don’t wish to make rotis for? Then it’s time to transform this curry with a few added ingredients into a tasty sandwich. Check out the following recipe and witness the magic-


  1. Transform stale paneer into crispy cutlets

We often tend to leave cottage cheese in the fridge till it forms a hard crust and starts to get stale. However, this recipe lets you transform raw paneer into crispy cutlets that your kids are sure to love.


  1. A yummy frankie made from stale paneer and leftover chapati

You may often find that paneer isn’t the only leftover item in your kitchen. There may also be old chapatis that no one would peck at. Hence this recipe brings you the best of both these leftovers by using them to create a chapati roll or paneer frankie that would be a delectable snack.

With these nifty recipes in your arsenal, you know exactly what to do the next time you have cottage cheese leftover in your kitchen or pantry!


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