5 Quick tummy friendly dinner recipes everyone should try

Looking for some healthy dinner recipes? Here are 5 quick stomach-friendly recipes you should try.
healthy recipes,Quick recipes,Dinner Recipes 5 Quick tummy friendly dinner recipes everyone should try
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Food is what fuels the body and nourishes us to live a healthy and happy life. From our mood to our stomach health, everything is directly related to what we eat. So, the fear of eating foods that might take a toll on your stomach health make most of think of what we should eat at night. 

Eating a large, heavy, meal for dinner is not the best idea if you’re trying to watch your weight or keep yourself healthy. Did you know that eating a heavy dinner can disrupt the proper functioning of your digestive system? Your digestive system doesn’t get adequate rest during the night, which can slow down your body physically and mentally the next day. So, the key here is to eat a light dinner which is healthy and keeps your digestive health in check. Today we are sharing with you a list of easy dinner recipes good for your digestive health. 

Here are 5 quick stomach-friendly recipes to include in your dinner. 

1. Palak Paneer with Jowar Rotis 

This Indian vegetarian dish is delicious and easy to make. Spinach or palak is known for its nutritional value. It is low in carbs and high in fibre and water, both of which promote a healthy digestive tract and prevent constipation. Jowar is high in fibre and helps promote digestion. 

2. Vegetable Stew 

This recipe is full of healthy veggies and a rich savoury broth. Vegetable stew is high in nutrition and easy on the stomach. Eating vegetable stew twice a week can reduce the harmful health effects and keep you healthy. 

3. Moong Dal Khichdi 

The ultimate comfort food to soothe an upset stomach. Khichdi is a light and easy dish to prepare. This version is made with moong dal. Moong dal or green gram has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent gas, bloating and is easy to digest. 

4. Baked Vegetable Casserole 

This one is the perfect dish for those who want to eat something cheesy but light on the stomach. You can put your favourite vegetables in the mix. This dish is an amalgamation of tasty and healthy. Sometimes we all need a little bit of cheese in our food. 

5. Grilled Chicken 

If you’re a non-vegetarian, this is the perfect dinner recipe for you. Chicken is one of the best sources of protein and it contains amino acids too. Grilled chicken is a great source of lean, low-fat protein which is great for your health.

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