6 Delicious foods that you love to eat, but are bad for your dog

Updated on Nov 11, 2021 11:48 AM IST  |  136.8K
Delicious foods that you love to eat, but are bad for your dog
6 Delicious foods that you love to eat, but are bad for your dog

Much like kids, dogs need attention from you all the time, they miss you when you aren’t home and they even have little tantrums. This is precisely why many pet parents are tempted to feed their puppy a few morsels from their own plate when sitting down for dinner. Hey, it sure can be hard to say to no to the beseeching puppy eyes begging for food! But the myriad of food you consume may not always suit your canine’s system. So read on to discover list of some foods that you shouldn’t be feeding your beloved dog.

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Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

Did you know that the Theobromine present in chocolate is toxic for canines? Eating chocolate can result in dogs vomiting or getting diarrhea in most cases. However, it could also make your pet severely sick with seizures, abrupt tremors that could be fatal.


Cheese and Ice Cream

Strangely cheese is something a lot of dogs adore, as you can watch them drool while you enjoy a slice. However, the canine system wasn’t made to process cow’s milk. Hence dairy consumption causes some dogs to puke, or even have gastrointestinal diseases. So the next time you eat a cheese sandwich or some ice cream, you may have to deny your dog the pleasure of sharing it.

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Sugary Sweets, Peanut Butter and Baked Treats

The common ingredient in most of these treats is xylitol, which can be responsible for an insulin surge in your canine’s body. This causes a severe fall in their blood sugar level as well as possible liver failure. However, at times, some of these foods may be made with the absence of xylitol. Hence do take a close look at the ingredient list before making a purchase and feeding these to your furry friend.

treats that puppies shouldnt eat

When people bring home a puppy, little do they know that the little critter will soon be a cherished member of their family! While it can be difficult to say no to your puppy, you simply must do so at times, to ensure that he doesn’t consume foods that could cause serious damage.

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