6 Drink recipes with pineapple fruit to get refreshed during hot summer days

Summer is on its way. So, any kinds of refreshing drinks would not be enough for us. So, try these 6 drink recipes with pineapple and indulge in some refreshing drinks to stay hydrated during summer.
6 Drink recipes with pineapple fruit to get refreshed during hot summer days
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Pineapple is a highly flavourful, juicy fruit that is packed with many health benefits. It’s loaded with all important nutrients, disease-fighting antioxidants, enzymes that aids in digestion, etc. Along with that, this fruit also reduces the risk of cancer, boosts our immunity power, reduces the symptoms of arthritis, etc. This can be consumed both raw and in different drink recipes. So, here are some easy drinks recipes with pineapple. 

Pineapple Mint Punch

Try this mocktail recipe of pineapple mint punch and get refreshed on the hot summer days. It has both tangy and sweet tastes. Follow the recipe below. 


Pineapple Panna

You have tried mango panna and now make this Pineapple panna to give a treat to yourself. It’s a refreshing drink that makes a perfect recipe for summer days. Check out the recipe below. 


Ginger Pineapple Drink

Both ginger and pineapple are good for your health. So, let’s combine these two, in one drink and have the goodness of both of them. Try the ginger pineapple recipe. 


Pineapple Mojito

Make this Pineapple mojito at home to indulge in some refreshing mocktail recipe. It’s completely a non-alcoholic beverage. So, follow the recipe. 


Hawaiian Pineapple Lime Soda

If you are bored with the same Pineapple drink recipe, then it’s time for a change. Try this Hawaiian Pineapple Lime Soda recipe and satisfy your taste buds with this new twist. 


Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothies make a great food item, especially in breakfast as it’s highly filling and aids in weight loss. So, try this pineapple smoothie recipe to upgrade your breakfast routine.


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