6 Easy and quick breakfast items for your daily meal to get all important nutrients

Breakfast is highly essential for us to get all important nutrients, proteins and carbs. So, here are some easy breakfast recipes to make your meal healthier.
6 Easy and quick breakfast items for your daily meal to get all important nutrients
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Breakfast is one of the most important meals as we consume food after a long gap. So, in breakfast, we should have all important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs to get energised and stay healthy. So, here are some easy breakfast ideas to incorporate into your meal plan.

Easy and healthy breakfast ideas to include in your meal plan:

Oats recipe

Oats is an easy, convenient and healthy option for breakfast. But you shouldn’t make the same recipe every day. So, here are some easy and different oatmeal recipes to spruce up your breakfast.


Dosa recipes

After oats, dosa is another healthy option for breakfast. So, learn these easy dosa recipes and have some healthy and tasty food in your breakfast.


Idli recipes

If you don’t have much time to make dosa, then simply prepare idlis and enjoy your breakfast. It will give you the feeling of satiety as well.


Smoothie recipes

Smoothies are always a great addition for breakfast. They are healthy and easy to make that can make you fill fuller for a long time. You can also get the goodness of all fruits and veggies through them. So, here are some easy smoothie recipes to add to your breakfast routine.


Cereal recipes

Cereals are a staple in breakfast plan. So, here are some quick and easy cereal recipes to include in your diet.


Yoghurt bowl recipes

Yoghurt makes a great breakfast item and yoghurt bowls will be an innovative idea to get some protein in the morning. So, here are some new yoghurt bowl recipes.


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