6 Easy smoothie and milkshake recipes to make with anjeer for weight loss

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6 Easy smoothie and milkshake recipes to make with anjeer for weight loss

Fig or anjeer is a type of fruit from the flowering plant Common Fig belonging to the mulberry family. It is native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia and has been cultivated since the ancient time. But now it is cultivated throughout the world.

Figs are highly beneficial for health which also aid on weight loss. It is a great dry fruit that can be added to make different drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, etc. So, here are some ideas.

6 Easy recipes to make healthy drinks with anjeer or figs:

Anjeer milkshake

It’s an easy recipe for making anjeer milkshake that is finely garnished with some dry fruits. It’s healthy and filling that is perfect for your weight loss diet routine.


Anjeer drink

It is a drink with figs that is prepared with lemon, raisins and almonds. You can replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners like honey. It is a great drink to get refreshed and energised.


Badam anjeer

Badam anjeer is a filling drink that is perfect to have after an intense workout to regain energy. It is rich in potassium, Omega 3 and 7 and lots of minerals.


Figs and banana smoothie

Figs and banana smoothie is a popular drink to have when you feel less energetic. It is rich in all important nutrients that are perfect for weight loss.


Dates and figs milkshake

Figs and dates both are highly healthy for us that aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and digestion. So, here’s an easy recipe of figs and dates milkshake for you.


Kaju anjeer milkshake

Cashews are full of protein. So, making the cashew and fig milkshake would be a great idea to have after your workout.


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