6 Foods to include in your winter diet to stay warm and healthy

Winter diet should have all kinds of nutritious foods that will keep you warm and healthy to tolerate the chilled weather. So, here are 6 foods that you should consume regularly to stay warm in winter.
Foods for Winter Diet6 Foods to include in your winter diet to stay warm and healthy
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Winter is one of the most favourite seasons of Indians. It is time to indulge in different delicious foods. But we have to keep ourselves warm during this time, otherwise, we can easily catch cold. And foods play a major role in keeping us warm and this helps to tolerate the chilled weather as well.

These foods should be added to your regular winter diet to stay warm and healthy. So, here are 5 foods to eat in winter to tolerate the cold.

Foods to include in your winter diet:

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are packed with proteins and calcium and they are helpful to boost your energy. So, consume dates, anjeer or figs and other dry fruits during this time. You can also have milk with them at breakfast.

Root veggies

Try to have more root veggies in winter like garlic, onions, radish, potato, carrots, etc. They take a longer time to get digested which produces heat in the body, thus keeping you warm.

Cooking in ghee

Ditch oils and replace them with ghee for cooking in winter. It's rich in unsaturated fats that keep you naturally warm. It is a popular Ayurvedic remedy as well.


Add honey to your winter diet. You can drink it with warm water in the morning or simply add it as a dressing for salads. It is a powerhouse of different nutrients that keep you warm for a long time.


Add ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom to your foods to stay warm this winter. Ginger and cardamom can also be added to tea.


Don’t forget to eat a sufficient amount of protein-rich foods also like chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc. These are helpful to stay healthy in winter.

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