6 Healthy alternatives of salad toppings to make it more filling

Salads are always a healthy option to include in your meals. But to make it tastier, here are some healthy topping alternatives to make your salads more filling.
Healthy toppings for filling salads 6 Healthy alternatives of salad toppings to make it more filling
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We can’t agree more on the health benefits of different salads. They are the perfect foods to stay healthy, have the feeling of satiety, lose weight, and improve digestion. Typically, a salad is made by combining lettuce, veggies, fruits, dressings and some other healthy toppings. Salads promote a healthy diet as it offers a perfect proportion of all veggies, fruits and other toppings. But having the same salads every day may make you bored of it, as a result, you may completely stop eating any salads. But what about your health? So, to make your same boring salads healthy and interesting, here are some healthy substitutes to make it more filling.  

Chopped raw veggies

If you like to have your salads with only boiled or sauteed veggies, then give it a new twist. Give some raw veggies in your salads to give them a new taste. The list of raw veggies includes carrots, onions, celery, cucumber, broccoli, mushrooms etc. These are all packed with fibre that improves digestion and bowel movement.

Nuts and seeds

Pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chia seeds, peanuts etc. are healthy and nutritious foods to make your salads more feeling.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits not only make your salads tasty, but they also make it more filling and of course healthier. Dried cranberries, apricots, raisins, dates, brazil nuts etc. are super healthy alternatives to make your salads more filling.

Whole grains

If you are habituated to make your salad with white rice, then have some changes in it with brown rice, barley, quinoa etc. They are rich in fibre and make your meals heavier.

Pita chips

Pita chips are baked in olive oil and they are while grain which provide both fibre and protein and provide a better taste to your salad.

Fresh herbs

Popular herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, parsley, sage and cilantro etc. make your salad tasty along with giving a distinct flavour or fragrance to it.

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