6 Healthy recipes to enjoy during the monsoon evening

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Best healthy monsoon recipes

Monsoon is just around the corner to give us relief from the scorching heat of summer. It is the time to indulge in a hot cup of tea with some delicious snacks and enjoy the rain. But who said there cannot be any other food item other than crunchy snacks? You can make some hot soups, khichdi, etc. and give it a twist using different ingredients. So, here are some healthy monsoon recipes for you.

Healthy Monsoon Special Khichdi

This Ayurvedic khichdi is not only healthy but it is also tasty. Check the recipe below and indulge in some hot khichdi to enjoy the monsoon.


Cheesy Bites

It is a crunchy recipe made with cheese to enjoy some hot snacks during the monsoon. This recipe can be enjoyed with some delicious dips or ketchup. Check out the recipe below.


Tomato Soup

A hot bowl of creamy tomato soup is what you need during the rainy season. You can have some pita chips with it.


Garlic Soup

This Italian style Garlic soup will make you feel energised on a lethargic monsoon evening. You can add your favourite veggies and herbs to the soup as per your taste.


Wheat flour snacks

Wheat flour snacks are a healthy and tasty recipe to enjoy during monsoon if you are on a diet. It is a homemade taco recipe to satisfy your hunger pangs.


Monsoon evening snack recipes

Not happy with the recipes mentioned above? Here are 10 tasty monsoon evening snack recipes to indulge when it is raining. Follow the recipes below.


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