6 Quick and tasty recipes with sooji for your breakfast and snacks

Sooji or semolina is a popular food item that can be added to various dishes. So, here are some easy and tasty semolina recipes to bring variety to your daily meal plan.
Easy recipes with sooji Easy recipes with sooji
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Semolina or Sooji is a perfect food item that can be utilised for preparing different dishes. From Gulab jamun to Uttapam, dosa, crunchy snacks, halwa, sooji can be added to several ingredients to create a unique and tasty recipe each time. Apart from its taste, semolina comes with many health benefits- it increases iron content, enhances our energy, supports nervous system, improves heart health, aids in weight loss, stimulates lactation and provides antioxidant. So, here are some delicious recipes of sooji or semolina.

Snacks and breakfast recipes

Here are 10 best snacks and breakfast recipes made with sooji to bring some variety in your daily meal plan. These recipes are tasty and quick to make so there is no chance for to get bored with the same food.


Rava Uttapam

Instant rava Uttapam made with sooji is a perfect breakfast or snack recipe to indulge in. It’s quick to make and healthy for us as well. Check the recipe below.


Suji Gulab Jamun

If you are planning to make some hot and soft gulab jamuns, then you can never be failed to make it with Sooji. Check the recipe below to make some delicious Gulab Jamun to enjoy with your loved ones.


Masala Dosa with sooji

This masala dosa recipe made with sooji just needs 15 minutes to get prepared. Follow the recipe below.


Suji Halwa

Suji Halwa is a popular preparation that makes a perfect dish for snacking and breakfast as well. This can be complemented with some puffed rice as well.


Jhal Suji

It’s a Bengali recipe and is a spicy semolina recipe. You can even add your favourite veggies to it. Here’s the recipe given below.


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