6 Quick recipes to give a delicious twist to your daily omelette

Omelette is the go-to dish for breakfast. If you agree, then click on to find 6 scrumptious recipes that you will fall in love with.
6 Quick recipes to give a delicious twist to your daily omelette
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Nothing beats waking up to the aroma of a fluffy omelette wrapped inside freshly toasted bread. If you too like to kickstart your day the same way, then you have landed on the right article. Today, we are sharing some omelette recipes that you can try if you haven’t already. Plus, it is definitely a skill worth learning. It is super easy to make these mouthwatering dish. 

Did you know that Omelette is a French word that originated during the mid-16th century? Ever since that time, the dish has been adapted in various countries and enjoyed by people around the globe. For instance, the Indian version of the dish is known as Masala omelette. It is made with green chillis, onions, coriander, cumin and a pinch of turmeric in it. There are many such versions of the recipe. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most delicious versions of classic omelette you can try at home. 

Chicken Omelette

A high protein omelette made with egg whites and delicious chicken filling is a must for your breakfast. Check out the yummy recipe right below! 

Spanish Omellete 

Spanish omellete is nothing but the English name for the traditional dish called Tortilla de Patata. It is super easy to make and everyone will love it. 

Masala Omelette 

We, Indians give everything our own twist and why not? Presenting to you this delicious masala omelette to spice up your brunch! 

Mediterranean Omelette 

Prepared with the goodness of vegetables like onions, olives and more, and packed with some spices, this is the breakfast you shouldn’t miss! 

Cheese Omelette 

Dive into the world of cheesy heaven with this lip-smacking recipe prepared with some simple ingredients. It is easy to make and simply delicious. 

French Omelette 

France - the place where it all started! A true French omelette is one with eggs and butter, sans filling. It has a smooth, silky texture with a soft-scrambled interior. 

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