7 Desi pizza recipes to amuse your taste buds

Do you love pizza? If yes, we have some delicious desi pizza recipes that you should try to satiate your palate.
pizza recipe,Quick recipes,desi pizza 7 Desi pizza recipes to amuse your taste buds
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From inventing new things to spicing up the old ones, nobody pulls a ‘jugaad’ better than the way Indians do! So, why would we be any different when it comes to food. With the pandemic in its full swing, many of us turned into cooks and mastered the fusion game. One such great fusion is the blend of Italian and Indian. If you haven’t guessed by the title, we are talking about desi pizzas! 

Regardless of the toppings, pizza is the ultimate comfort food that you can pop in your mouth anytime. The assorted veggies, the melting cheese, mouthwatering toppings – who doesn’t like when an array of flavours rushes into your mouth and fills your gut with deliciousness? If you too don’t mind giving your pizza a desi twist, then we have some recipes for you. 

Here are 7 scrumptious desi pizza recipes to satisfy your taste buds. 

1. Cheese burst pizza 

Don’t you love the yummy cheese dripping from the sides as you take the first bite into a crunchy pizza? If yes, then bring Dominos cheese crust home with this delicious recipe. 

2. Bread pizza 

An innovative version of the traditional pizza that has a similar topping but a different pizza base. This instant recipe is made with bread slices, pizza sauce, grated cheese, veggies like jalapenos, olives and baking on tawa. 

3. Tawa pizza 

This is your traditional pizza cooked in a different style. The key to cooking this kind of pizza right is cooking it on a low flame and not rushing it on a high or medium flame. 

4. Pizza dosa 

This one is a unique fusion recipe with a traditional south Indian dosa batter and pizza toppings. Make a thin dosa over hot tawa and serve it hot. It might get soggy if it loses its warmness. 

5. Roti pizza 

Got some leftover rotis? Heat it in a pan with butter and top it with pizza sauce, veggies, cheese and let it cook until the cheese melts. This one will definitely become your kids’ favourite in no time. 

6. Pizza sandwich 

Is it a pizza? Is it a sandwich? You can’t really tell until you take a bite. A good sandwich is one of the best comfort foods for most, and giving it an Italian twist is nothing short of perfection! 

7. Pizza bomb 

Don’t you love biting into a small pocket filled with cheese and all things delicious? Dive into the goodness of this cute little stuffed pizza filled with cheese, pizza sauce, tomato, and jalapeno. 

Check out the recipes by Hebbar's Kitchen in the video right below: 

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