7 Easy ways to start eating healthy without cutting out your favourite food items

Updated on Sep 16, 2020 10:59 PM IST  |  955.7K
7 Easy ways to start eating healthy without cutting out your favourite food items

There is no alternative option to eating healthy in order to stay fit and manage weight. Healthy eating habits will always provide you with all important nutritions. And these nutritions help to lose and manage weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and provide overall good health.

So, whatever you eat, try to make it healthy as much as possible. Eating healthy doesn’t mean to maintain any specific kind of diet routine, but it means eating in balance. There will be a perfect balance of fat, carbohydrate and protein to get all the health benefits.

Follow these tips and start eating healthy:

1.For all those evening or afternoon cravings, opt for healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, dates, cheese sticks, etc. And avoid all those salty and fatty junk foods.

2.Fill half of your plate with veggies like Brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans, carrots, etc. They are low in calories and packed with fibre.

3.Stay hydrated always. Drink water as much as possible throughout the day.

4.Make a smoothie on your own and fill it with all fruits and veggies to make it healthier.

5.Opt for whole-grain carbohydrates as they are packed with dietary fibres and ditch those refined carbohydrates.

6.Control your portion. Now, this doesn’t mean limiting your food intake, but this means having the right amount of protein, veggies, complex carb and healthy fats in each meal.

7.Have a sweet tooth? Then, you can have some dessert as well, but in the right proportion. If you love ice-creams, then have only one scoop of it. One serving of dessert is more than enough.

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