7 Health benefits of consuming tea regularly REVEALED by an expert

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Health benefits of consuming tea
Health benefits of consuming tea

People all across the world have been drinking tea for hundreds of centuries. No matter what the season is, tea can be a tasty and flavourful beverage as it can be served both iced or hot. But the best part is that tea’s benefits go much beyond refreshment. Plenty of research has been conducted about the perks of consuming tea. Habitual tea drinkers have been shown to live a longer and healthier life as regularly drinking tea has a lasting impact on their wellness. And during this COVID 19 scenario, it is highly important to consume tea regularly as it can also boost your immunity system. So, here’s how tea can help boost your resistance power revealed by Shalini Raj, Founder, The Infused Kettle.


Tea is packed with numerous health-friendly nutrients. Natural substances, called polyphenols, are found in good quantities in both herbal and caffeinated teas. These substances are antioxidants and help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. When processed, some of the polyphenol compounds are destroyed in tea. So, variants like tea powders, bottled tea drinks and decaffeinated teas do not offer the same health benefits.


Improves digestion

Tea has also been shown to boost the digestive system of our body, facilitating the processes involved in digestion. Many prefer to have tea post their meals for better digestion. Herbal teas, such as green tea and chamomile tea, can be good for people who are suffering from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome as they are an antispasmodic.

Boosts Immune Cells

Many teas, such as green tea or black tea, are loaded with natural, bioactive compounds which are very useful for making our immune systems stronger and keeping us healthy. Premium teas help us stay young and active for long. Research has shown that tea can boost immune cells to enable them to reach their targets quickly. For a much better immune system, try to consume tulsi tea.  


Often, we must have heard people telling us not to drink too much tea as it could cause serious dehydration in our bodies. However, that is not really true. On the contrary, compared to other beverages like coffee, which is a diuretic substance that does dehydrate the body, tea is hydrating.


Enhances Heart Health

Tea drinkers are contributing towards keeping their hearts healthy. Research shows that habitual tea drinkers develop resistance to cardiovascular diseases and the risk is reduced considerably, especially in those who regularly drink green tea or black tea.

Prevents Diabetes

It has also been proven that the catechins present in green tea can help keep blood sugar in check and thus, reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Improves Brain Functions

The presence of the chemical L-Theanine in different varieties of tea have proven to be beneficial for improving brain health. It can strengthen the brain functions and help eliminate anxiety and stress, enabling one to relax.



This only works when you lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a nutritious diet along with doing regular workout. But if you face any serious health issues, it is always better to consult doctor and not to rely on any home remedy.

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