7 Quick bites to prepare in just 15 minutes to satisfy your hunger pangs

Sudden hunger pangs are tough to handle as you need some quick foods to satisfy them. So, here are some quick bites that can be made in just 15 minutes to satisfy your tummy.
7 Quick bites to prepare in just 15 minutes to satisfy your hunger pangs
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When we have sudden hunger pangs, it becomes impossible to do anything without having foods. These hunger pangs are the moments when you have to eat something and satisfy your tummy.

But to reduce the pangs, there should be some quick and easy recipes to have. So, here are some quick bites that you can make in 15 minutes.

Foods to prepare only 15 minutes:

Nutella cake

Nutella cake is easy to make and delicious to eat. It is a soft chocolate cake with the Nutella icing on it. Check the recipe below.



Upma makes a great breakfast and snacking item. And if you have bread in your kitchen then utilise it and make some bread upma.


Broccoli with almonds

Broccoli and almonds both are rich in important nutrients. So, combine these two and make a delicious salad. Check the recipe of broccoli with almonds.


Fruit desserts

Fruits are always good to have in breakfast or as a snacking item. So, have all fruits that you have in your kitchen make these easy fruit dessert recipes.


Sweet corn chaat

This will make a good and healthy snacking dish that’s very easy to make as well. Mix sweet corns with onions, chaat masala, tomatoes and coriander leaves and enjoy them.


Garlic and egg fried rice

Do you want to have some Chinese? Then have this garlic and egg fried rice to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is easy and quick to prepare.


Bread masala

Bread masala is easy and quick to make with oil, tomatoes, garlic, potato, etc. Learn the recipe below.


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