8 healthy items you can regrow from food scraps to create your very own kitchen garden at home

If you do the grocery shopping for your house, you will be aware of how expensive basic food truly is. Here is how you can grow many of the kitchen items at home!
8 healthy items you can regrow from food scraps to create your very own kitchen garden at home8 healthy items you can regrow from food scraps to create your very own kitchen garden at home
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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to consume fresh produce everyday without all the pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals? Imagine having an unlimited supply of this! 
There are multiple foods that you can grow yourself at home and cut down on the chemicals you take in and save money at the same time. If you have ever considered starting your own kitchen garden, here are all the foods you can grow from the leftover scraps of your kitchen and how to grow them. 


One of the most expensive products available in the market, you can save up and just grow this at home!
Wash an avocado seed well. 
Use toothpicks to suspend the seed in a jar of water just enough to cover an inch at the bottom of the seed. 
Keep this in a warm place but not in direct sunlight. 
Wait until roots and leaves start to sprout. 
Once leaves begun to appear, plant it in soil and remember to add enough water everyday. 


One of the easiest things to grow, Potatoes can be grown from just the peel!
Pick out potato peels with eyes on them and allow them to dry overnight. 
Plant them in soil and water everyday. 


Another extremely easy plant to grow, Ginger will ensure your house smells great and grow fast. 
Wash a small spare piece of ginger and plant it in soil. 
Water regularly and store in a warm place but not under direct sunlight. 
New shoots will begin to sprout up in sometime and you can just cut it directly from the plant and use it. 


The king of fruits is surprisingly easy to grow even if you don't live in the tropic! 
Cut off the top of the fruit with the crown and with the help of toothpicks, insert it in water. 
Keep this in direct sunlight. 
Change the water on a daily basis. 
Roots will form in a week or so and then you can transfer this to the soil. 


Save one clove of the entire bunch you get and increase your own produce!
Plant a single clove into soil and water well. Ensure the roots are facing down in the potting soil. 
Ensure it gets plenty of sunlight. 
Over time, you will notice new shoots. You will need to cut off these shoots so the plant can produce a new bulb. Cut off the bulb and consume. 


Another extremely plant to grow, these can be grown both indoor and outdoor. 
Pick out an onion with a hint of root and cut it, ensuring a part of the body remains attached to the root. 
Plant and cover it lightly with soil. 
Keep it in a sunny area and water well. 


One of the most important ingredients, that the kitchen is incomplete without, can also be grown at home!
Rather than throwing out the seeds from tomatoes, wash and store them after drying. 
In rich soil place the seeds and water until you see the seeds sprouting. 
Ensure this gets plenty of sunlight and water so it doesn't dry out. 


Love the tangy flavour and can't get enough of lemons? Grow them at home with seeds form the fruit!
Instead of throwing out lemon seeds, wash and dry them. 
Plant them in rich soil, not too deep into the soil and water frequently. 
Place in sunlight for best growth. 

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