Add these 7 healthy ingredients to eggs to speed up your weight loss process

Updated on Nov 04, 2020 03:10 PM IST  |  805K
Add these 7 healthy ingredients to eggs to speed up your weight loss process

Eggs are a great food to add to your weight loss program. They are rich in proteins that provide satiety feeling suppressing sudden hunger pangs. And egg yolks have Vitamin D that is highly beneficial for our bones.

If you add eggs to your weight loss diet, then make it healthier by adding other weight loss ingredients to it. They will increase its nutrient content making it tastier and healthier for you.

Healthy ingredients to add to eggs for weight loss:

Black beans

Black beans are rich in soluble fibre that aids in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol. You can add black beans to your eggs and make a salad with them along with some cheese.


Quinoa is rich in protein and has satiating fibre that will reduce your sudden hunger pangs. You can add quinoa to your omelette to get all the goodness of it.

Black pepper

Black pepper can be highly effective for your waistline and cholesterol level. This can be added to all forms of eggs like poach, boiled or omelette.

Bell pepper

Green, yellow and red bell peppers are always a great option to add to your omelette. They have high Vitamin C content which can effectively burn stored fats from our body.


Spinach is rich in iron, minerals, magnesium, etc. that gives you the feeling of satiety, aids in muscle growth and boosts strength. It is also highly beneficial for boosting metabolism.


Jalapenos have capsaicin which increases body heat and decreases appetite and enhances our metabolism. Adding this to your eggs will speed up your weight loss.


Tomatoes can easily be added to an omelette. They have antioxidants that protect you from free radical damage. They also reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

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