Afternoon tea vs High tea: Know the difference and types of tea served

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Afternoon tea vs High tea: Know the difference and types of tea served

Tea traditions are steeped in British history that soon took over other regions and especially India. There are many consumers of tea across the world but hardly know the difference between the two terms, high tea and afternoon tea.

There are many who fancy tea over coffee and would prefer a snack to go along with their tea. High tea and afternoon tea are both joyous occasions to gather around and socialise while sipping their favourite hot beverage and munching on snacks. Both are a window for people to sit around a table and have healthy debates or discussions. However, both these occasions occur at a specific time and have different types of tea to be served at these time intervals. Here is what high tea and afternoon tea differentiates and types of tea served for each.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a tradition that includes both drinking tea and eating. Afternoon tea is served between 4 and 5 pm in the afternoon, right after lunch. Afternoon became popular with women getting involved in it, finding a chance to wear gowns, hats and chatting with their friends. 

Afternoon tea includes scones, jam, sandwiches, and sometimes a glass of champagne.

Types of Teas served in Afternoon Tea

It usually includes some traditional blends and herbal teas. The best teas to serve during afternoon tea are Blue Lady Grey, Darjeeling tea, Chamomile tea and and Lavender tea.

High Tea

High tea back in the day was meant for working class people in the industrialised era of the Britain as tea had to wait until after work. By then tea was served with delish meals or snacks to savour with tea. This was mainly because it was later in the afternoon and before dinner as workers needed sustenance after a hard day of labour. The term high tea came into place from a habit of sitting by a high dining table. 

Types of tea served in High tea

High tea includes meals too to enjoy your tea with. Teas are simple and flavourful to match with the food. Assam black tea, Simple rooibos and Pu’erh are the types of tea that can be served.

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