Amazon Deal of the Day: 10 Healthy products from Amazon to get your grocery essentials of the month sorted

From oil to salt, everything that is a part of our food impacts our health. Check out 10 essential items you need for a healthy lifestyle and happy taste buds.
Amazon Deal of the Day: 10 Healthy products from Amazon to get your grocery essentials of the month sorted
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Who said anything healthy can’t be tasty? Food is solace and catharsis to most of us and we can’t think of a day going to bed empty stomach. Being fortunate enough to eat and live healthy, if you are focussed on your everyday diet and want them to be healthy and tasty as well, here we bring to you 10 everyday grocery essentials that you need to add to your cart right away for a happier stomach and healthier you.


Pure honey is the sweetest thing you can find in your kitchen! They don’t just make tablets easier to gulp but can be a perfect addition to your diet that can benefit your skin and hair as well.

MRP: Rs 199

Deal of the day: Rs 179

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Virgin Oil

This olive oil is the finest oil made from fresh olives which are picked directly from the tree. Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and olive oil is an important ingredient in it. Olive oil keeps a balance in your cholesterol level and is also good for the heart.

MRP: Rs 400

Deal of the day: Rs 299

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Wheat Pasta

Of course, we all love pasta! But none of us wants to be obese and deal with other health complications that intake of junk food bring to us. So the wheat pasta is for a win-win situation where your health and food cravings are considered equally. 

MRP: Rs 210

Deal of the day: Rs 125

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Blended with ripe vine bright red tomatoes giving it a smooth and thick texture and us drooling. Ketchup is an essential item in every household to meet your evening snacks needs. They can be your easy go-to side dish along with chapatis, bread and even a plate of Maggi.



MRP: Rs 135

Deal of the day: Rs 125

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Choco Spread


Enjoy the blissful taste with bread, roti, paratha, cake, biscuit, fruit, Icecream, croissant, waffle, doughnut and much more. Choco spreads are the gift from heaven to please our taste buds and take us to another level of happiness. You can binge on them and don’t worry about spending hours in the kitchen cooking.



MRP: Rs 299

Deal of the day: Rs 183

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Olive Leaf Infusion

A unique infusion made from dried leaves of the olive tree that contains twice the antioxidants compared to green tea and yet has zero caffeine is this infusion that can be your perfect choice to drink every day. This healthy infusion is an ideal stress reliever and can put you in a better mood.



MRP: Rs 149

Deal of the day: Rs 119

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Made from 100 % whole grain oats, which is a natural source of protein, and dietary fibre, Oats can make your breakfast and evening snacks healthier and tastier. It helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol and keeps your whole family fit.

MRP: Rs 260

Deal of the day: Rs  212

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Another essential item that should be in every household is the pickle. In this summer season, mango pickle is gonna make us go crazy in love with food. Pickles are a must-have in every Indian's diet and the right amount of its consumption can do no harm.

MRP: Rs 185

Deal of the day: Rs 154

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Pumpkin seeds

Rich in vitamin E, iron, zinc and phosphorus; Pumpkin seeds are the magic seeds that help cerebral development and energy boost. Take a few amounts of pumpkin seeds every morning and see how your health and body show positive growth.

MRP: Rs 300

Deal of the day: Rs 247

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Pink Salt

Pink salt is a naturally harvested unrefined salt with high nutritive value. They are important in your food as it contains nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron that are great for overall health and are also responsible for its characteristic natural light pink tinge.



MRP: Rs 297

Deal of the day: Rs 199

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