Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Car accessories you need from Amazon before hitting the roads for a long drive

Who doesn’t love long drives and partying inside the car? If you love your four-wheeler friend so much, here are 6 products you need for your car from amazon. Check it out!
Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Car accessories you need from Amazon before hitting the roads for a long drive Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Car accessories you need from Amazon before hitting the roads for a long drive
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The best travel buddies are sometimes the car itself. To go solo or to party with your friends, long drives do make a change in your life by inflicting some peace and happiness. But what if a punctured tyre, dirty glasses or mud-filled tyres make it hard and lose the charm of your desired vehicle? So grab these 6 products from Amazon with which you can guarantee a fun, clean, error-less long drive. Just like how a skincare routine is important for your face, these car accessories are necessary for the long life of your car too.

Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator 

One thing we are never sure of is when the tyre is giving up. Which is why we need this! The tyre inflator works with tyres that have a maximum PSI rating of 120. Use the compressor to inflate tyres for anything from scooters and motorcycles to cars. The portable tyre inflator comes with a digital gauge for at-a-glance viewing of the pressure, and its built-in LED light offers useful illumination when working in dim or dark lighting.

Price: Rs 4000

Deal of the day: Rs 2039

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Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Is your car covered in brown with dust and other pollutants? Do not walk away from washing them whenever necessary. Remember they are your portable homes! This microfiber car wash mitt absorbs six times its weight in water for fast and easy cleaning.

Price: Rs 500

Deal of the day: Rs 199

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Glass Polish

Worried why you can’t see properly while driving? Nah, it’s not your eyes, it’s your car’s glass! This glass polish also is a hard water spot remover, a uniquely formulated product that removes 100 percent water spots and increases optical visibility of glass like new. It also helps to prevent future stains, spots and damage.

Price: Rs 723

Deal of the day: Rs 650

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Wheel Brush

The uneven surface of your car’s wheel stores stones, sand and other dirt between reducing the lifespan of your tyre. Brush them away and clean them up to upgrade the look and feel of the wheels. These brushes come with a brief featuring a contorted designed brush that fits your tyre's sidewall so you can clean them more easily than ever.

Price: Rs 499

Deal of the day: Rs 295

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Car Carrier Bag

Before you embark on your adventurous ride, make sure to buy this waterproof bag that can save your vehicle’s cargo space. Perfect for family road trips, weekend adventures, or moving day, the carrier bag’s roomy size increases a vehicle’s overall carrying capacity, making it easier to bring along everything you need.

Price: Rs 5700

Deal of the day: Rs 3499

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Jumper Cable

Here are your 10-gauge jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery. Easily boost a dead car battery back to life with help from AmazonBasics jumper cables. They are most important to stay careful without taking a risk of a dead vehicle.

Price: Rs 1600

Deal of the day: Rs 849

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